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Saturday, 19 April 2008

Wushu Role Playing Game Book Collection

Wushu is a non-traditional role-playing game. In a traditional game, a player would describe his character's action, and then roll dice to see if it succeed. In Wushu, a player describes what his character does, and then rolls dice to determine how effective the action was. For example, in a traditional RPG, one would say "I try to hit him with my sword." and roll dice to determine success. In Wushu, one would say: "I slash across his stomach, releasing a spray of blood." and then roll dice to determine the effect on the larger plot.

Wushu runs on several principles. The first is the Principle of Narrative Truth, called PoNT by the fans. This means that whatever a player describes is exactly what happens. By doing so, Wushu can more closely emulate an over-the-top action movie style of play, since there are no penalties for difficult or flashy maneuvers. Counterbalancing the first principle is the second principle: the Veto. Anyone at the table, gamemaster or player, can veto any detail and ask the player to describe something different. This helps ensure that the tone and genre of the game is maintained at all times. Players can even use this mechanic to suggest alternatives to one another, which helps create a stronger shared-storytelling experience.

Wire-Fu - Your comprehensive guide to running Wushu games in the style of Hero & The Matrix!
Pulp-Fu - A Wushu game of noir style & pulp action!
A Wushu Guide to Car-Fu - High speed chases, acrobatic stunts, and cars as melee weapons!
A Wushu Guide to Gun-Fu - Guns, lots of guns, spaghetti westerns, gangsters, and snipers.
A Wushu Guide to Cut-Fu - Swords and knives from the Three Musketeers to the Seven Samurai.
A Wushu Guide to Wyrd-Fu - Magic and high strangeness, from hoodoo to hermeticism.

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Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much for the e-books, I was looking for them for ages.

Arigatou gozaimasu!