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Monday, 21 April 2008

Explanation of Megaupload Terms

Explaination of Megaupload terms, such as temp unvailable

Temporarily Unavailable: If you try to download an episode and get this message from megaupload this is what it means. It means wait be patient the link you requested is available just not at this time. It means megauploads servers could possibly have to much traffic, or there system is gliching. It does not mean that you should post a reupload request or even a line stating that the link is down. It just means be patient and try again in a few minutes.

Link has Expired: This means your probably the only one who cares or has cared about this anime in the last month or so and the link was removed by megaupload. This means you should post a reupload request in the help section. A link to the help section can be found on the right hand side bar. Do not post reupload request in the comment box of the anime series you are better off posting it in the help section as I check it regularly. This also means dont post a reupload request in the chatbox either that is not the place for it.

Link has been removed etc. : This means megaupload got high and mighty or pressure from a third party to remove an upload. Once again follow the process stated in the link has expired section above. Note: when this happens usually either the episode was reported by a jealous site or the license holder has asked megaupload to remove all links to there titles. This means the uploader may or may not reupload for we are treading the fine line between theft and sharing.

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