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Saturday, 28 March 2009

Um Jammer Lammy Original Soundtrack

Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UDH62EI0

01. Serial 0
02. Tag
03. I am a Master and you!
04. Wait!
05. ??? more minutes until the show!
06. Leave it to Lammy!!
07. Fire Fire!!
08. Effector 1
09. Treasure
10. Music Box
11. Baby Baby!!
12. Effector 2
13. Fright Flight!!
14. Effector 3
15. Casino in my hair
16. Power Off! Power On!
17. Effector 4
18. Parappa's end roll in G minor
19. Taste of Teriyaki
20. Theme of Rammy
21. Effector 5
22. We are MilkCan!!
23. Got To Move!
24. Keep your head up!!
25. I am a Master and you!
26. On Monday
27. Fire Fire!!
28. On Tuesday
29. Baby Baby!!
30. On Wednesday
31. Fright Flight!!
32. Joe Chin's natural preservation
33. Joe Chin's chain saw
34. Power Off! Power On!
35. On Thursday
36. Taste of Teriyaki
37. On Friday
38. Got To Move!
39. Joe Chin's laptop computer
40. Joe Chin's shopping now!

Play Time: 1:07:30

Masaya Matsuura
Shige Kawagoe
Yoshihisa Suzuki
Jun Yamazaki
Ryo Watanabe
Naoto Sugai

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