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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Naruto RPG 3 Reijuu vs Kinoha Shoutai (NDS)

I could not find a desciption for the game so I will write one, the plot is set somewhere around time Sasuke leaves but before Naruto's 2.5 years training with Jiraiya so not set in Shippuuden saga.
The game is however an orignal story and not based on exsisting episodes or manga. Storywise 3 ninja appear and seem to be hunting for relics to unleash some powerful spirit, a survivor of their attack aproaches Konoha for help and so Naruto and co set out to gather the relics and stop them.
The game features Wi-Fi battle, so you can battle people around the world using your save game team, which is also how you unlock additional characters.
Playable characters include, The Regulars from Team Kakashi, Kurenai, Asuma, Guy, Jaraiya, 3rd Hokage, Tsunade, Sasuke, Zabuza, Itachi, Haku, Kisame, Gaara, Kankuro, Temari, Iruka, Kakashi, Guy, Orochimaru etc.

Genre: RPG
Language: Japanese
Compressed size: 27mb
Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KLBCENQY


Character/item Passwords

In order to use the password engine, go to the Ninja School (in the main town) and then talk to Konohamaru. You'll see some text in japanese, and consider it to be in this shape:


Now, using this layout, input the passwords above (by pressing the romanji in the order stated) to unlock the character (or item) specified.Password Effect
A L J K B E D G Gives you an item that, when used, unlocks Kankuro.
H F I C L K B G Gives you an item that, when used, unlocks Temari.
C G H A J B E L Gives you an item that, when used, unlocks the Third Hokage.
D K F I A B J L item for garra, when used, unlocks garra
I K A G D E F L item for guy, when used, unlock gay
J G D L K A I B item for iruka, when used, unlocks iruka
G B E I D A L F item for itachi, when used, unlock itachi
E B J D A G F L item for jiraiya, when used, unlock jiraiya
G J H L B F D E item for kyuubi naruto, when used, unlock kyuubi naruto
A H F B L E J G item for orochimaru, when used, unlock orochimaru
K A G B H L F D item fot kisame, when used, unlocks kisame

Characters unlockable by Wi-fi

While some of the characters can be acquired by other methods, these ones can only be selected after accomplishing certain targets on the "Wi-fi Taisen" mode. Perform the following tasks in order to unlock the stated character.Unlockable How to Unlock
Haku 10 Wifi winning cards.
Jiraiya Play Wifi 10 times.(Not counting win or lose)
Juin Sasuke 30 Wifi winning cards.
Kyuubi Naruto 100 Wifi points.
Sasuke Win at least one match online, then exit Wi-fi and talk to the guy exactly to the left of Anko. You'll get an item that, when used, unlocks him.
Tsunade Play Wifi 20 times.(Not counting win or lose)

Getting Kakashi and Guy

To get Kakashi and Guy, you have beat the game first then go to Kakashi's house then talk to Kakashi and Guy. Then you have to choose Kakashi to be in your party. Then you to Konohamaru and use the password to unlock Guy(shown in Passwords). Once you do that, you have both Kakashi and Guy.

Play as an Anbu Member

In order to play with an Anbu Member (who you can select the sex) as a selectable character in your party, complete the game once.

Sound Gallery

Complete the game once to unlock an option in the main menu that allows you to hear all the musics and sounds available in the game.

Unlockable chars from Ibiki`s mission.

Characters that can be accuired from Ibiki`s mission.Unlockable How to Unlock
Itachi Mission `Saigo no Uchiha Zoku` Jounin rank clear.
Kisame Mission `Akatsuki kara no shisha` Jounin rank clear.
Zabuza Win special survival 100 times.

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