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Friday, 29 August 2008

Advance Wars Days of Ruin (NDS)

After a cataclysmic meteor strike exterminates 90% of the population, the survivors must battle barbarians, disease, and strongmen who seek only to secure their own power.
Advance Wars has been reinvented. Set amidst a world in chaos and featuring new characters and settings, a gritty look, an engaging storyline, and online Wi-Fi battles and map trading. Try you hand with new COs and units, realistic graphics, and a new environment.
Strategy fans will rejoice over the long-awaited inclusion of Wi-Fi play, which adds depth and re-playability. Use Nintendo WiFi Connection and battle against a friend halfway across the world, or use the map editor to create, trade and battle on your own custom maps.

Language: English
Genre: Statergy with RPG elements.
Compressed Size: 39.22mb
Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7C57SORT

I like this advance wars more than the previous ones, it has a superior story and character designs are less cartoony and more detailed. It is sort of an advance wars game more dark and realstic. The game seems to generally be aimed at an older audience, with the new gritty style, plot and removal of game turing CO powers (Co have different ability now) and they added wifi multiplayer.

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