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Tuesday, 15 April 2008


No716,No894,No181,No563 are the life forms created by experiment of Steroid-Lostnumbers Laboratory,in a certain world. Steroid-Lostnumbers Laboratory sent them to there to collect information of real world. They have settled in a certain deserted building, and have communicated with human by music. Every night,weird music was heard from the building where no one is sure to live… So,people began to call the building [Freak’s Mansion]…
[Freak’s Mansion]midicronica has released three albums: NIP JAP - TERUO a.k.a BAYAKA, Midicronica Presents: Freak’s Mansion,and #501
note: information extracted from band’s web page, and the myspace band’s profile
more information: www.midicronica.com or www.myspace.com/midicronica

1 San Francisco 120
2 operator to help you 29
2 Blue Velvet 29
4 g 21
5 Jet Set Radio 20
5 Pillow jam 20
7 s501 16
8 Skit 12
8 Steroid 12
8 Islam Radio feat. 343 aka Dj Shunsuke 12
11 Tanoshii Drive 11
12 Star Diva feat. 893 aka La Melomania 10
12 Kido feat. 967 aka Gumuna 10
12 Deep Blue feat. Con-NYC 10
15 Lost Highway feat. 601 aka KazokuiAlphaj

#501: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PGTJBB7Q


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