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Saturday, 5 January 2008

Christina Aguilera The Singles Collection (Deluxe_Edition)


  1. candyman.
  2. i turn to you.
  3. fighter.
  4. car wash (feat. missy elliott).
  5. hurt.
  6. what a girl wants.
  7. tilt ya head back (feat. nelly).
  8. can’t hold us down (feat. lil’kim).
  9. my reflection.
  10. lady marmelade (feat. pink, lil’kim & mya).
  11. the voice within.
  12. genie in a bottle.
  13. nobody wants to be lonely (feat. ricky martin).
  14. ain’t no other man.
  15. beautiful.
  16. come on over (all i want is you).
  17. dirrty (feat. redman).
  18. still dirrty.
diddy feat. christina aguilera - tell me

  1. i will be.
  2. that’s what love can do.
  3. hello.
  4. a song for you (feat herbie hancock).
  5. infatuation.
  6. por siempre tu (spanish i turn to you).
  7. genio atrapado (spanish genie in a bottle).
  8. ven conmigo (solamente tu) (spanish come on over).
  9. dame lo que yo te doy (spanish get mine, get yours).
  10. genio atrapado (dance remix).
  11. dirrty (muave remix).
  12. hurt (rafael lelis remix).
  13. what a girl wants (thunderpuss remix).
  14. i turn to you (thunderpuss remix).
  15. beautiful (valentin remix).
  16. candyman (red one remix).
Download Links
CD 1: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=AZYAOQDB
CD 2: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=OHQMQ2LO

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