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Friday, 10 October 2008

Iya X Shite

Ruho Miyatsuki wants to fall in love but she is total unable! One day she discovers the existence of a "therapy club" that helps girls to cure any kind of problem! The members try to make her feel comfortable with a massage. However this creates a reaction, and from that time on every time someone touch her breasts she goes crazy for sex. Will she be able to be cured and finds her prince? (The book's title is a pun. If you forget the "X" and read it as one word, it means "heal me." But if you read it as two words, it means something like "I hate it; do it," or "Stop! Do it!")

One Volume. Six Chapters.

Whole Thing: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7T45WKSD


Anonymous said...

password, plz. >_<

Ethereal said...

Tejan's upload, I left him a msg on msn about the pass to manga, he is usually busy so maybe he will post the pass on the weekend.

Anonymous said...

whats the password

Tejan said...

The password is "tejan@da-anime.org"

Anything by me that has [Da-Anime.org] in the filename has "tejan@da-anime.org" as its password.

Anonymous said...

thank you