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Thursday, 26 June 2008

Moullin Rouge Orignal Soundtrack




1. Nature Boy - David Bowie
2. Lady Marmalade - Christina Aguilera/Pink/Mya/Lil' Kim
3. Because We Can - Fatboy Slim
4. Sparkling Diamonds - Nicole Kidman/Jim Broadbent/Caroline O'Connor/Natalie Mandoza/Lara Mulcahy
5. Rhythm of the Night - Valeria
6. Your Song - Ewan MacGregor/Alessandro Safina
7. Children of the Revolution - Bono/Gavin Friday/Maurice Seezer
8. One Day I'll Fly Away - Nicole Kidman
9. Diamond Dogs - Beck/Timbaland
10. Elephant Love Medley - Ewan MacGregor/Nicole Kidman/Jamie Allen
11. Come What May - Ewan MacGregor/Nicole Kidman
12. Le Tango de Roxanne - Ewan McGregor/Jose Feliciano/Jacek Koman
13. Compliante de la Butte - Rufus Wainwright
14. Hindi Sad Diamonds - Nicole Kidman/John Leguizamo/Alka Yagnik
15. Nature Boy - David Bowie/Massive Attack

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